Ultimate Guide to Dosey Pill Organisers

Ultimate Guide to Dosey Pill Organisers

Apr 07, 2022Dosey Pty Ltd

Whether you need medication to manage illness or vitamin and mineral supplements, there's nothing worse than being on the go only to realise you've left your pills at home. Taking care for your health has never been more important, but who wants to pack bulky pill bottles everywhere? Not us. Never miss a dose again using a convenient and stylish pill organiser to dispense and store your tablets. Regardless of your medication and supplement needs, make staying healthy easy and accessible with a discrete and cute pill organiser. At the end of this ultimate guide, you'll know exactly which pill organiser you need and how to use it.

What is a Pill Organiser, and why do you need one? 

Gone are the days of bulky pill dispensers, like the ones you'd see lying around your grandparent's kitchen. Pill organisers are your purse-sized medication and supplement dispensary. Our pill planners and organisers suit daily, weekly, and fortnightly pill requirements. You'll love our cute am-noon-pm pack if you need medication at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or check out our convenient pill purse if you need a vitamin supplement once a day; it'll keep you organised all week long. 


How to Use a Pill Organiser

Unlike traditional pill dispensers with clunky weak clasps, Dosey's pill organisers use secure zip locks. Once a day, week, or fortnight, simply plan your medications or supplements into the safe and secure pouches. Fold the leather wallet or purse in half, secure it with the magnet clasp and place it into your tote or handbag. Never find a tablet, capsule, or pill at the bottom of your bag again. Love that!

We know everyone's health needs are unique, so we have a range of extras to customise your pill planning. Maybe you need a pill canister or a pill slip to store extra vitamins. We also stock reusable pill packs to organise pill-taking your way. Need an easily accessible place with a handy zip-lock pocket for your tablets, scripts, hand sanitiser, or even Epipen? Our multifunctional original pill organiser is for you.

Make travelling a breeze with our wellness wallet, perfect for a fortnightly worth of medications and supplements. With space for up-to 15 pills per pouch, you can even dispense double if you're heading away for a fortnight. 


Benefits of using a Pill Organiser 

Let's be honest, taking care of our health isn't always easy. Things come up and get in the way, but one thing that can be easy is remembering to take your medication and supplements. Even the most forgetful person can turn off the reminders to take their medication. Be reminded to take your tablets every time you open your handbag or wallet and see your pill planner. 

Nobody likes to feel like a patient, let alone need a daily reminder that they're sick every time they grab their medication packet. Using a cute and discrete pill organiser to plan your medication creates a luxe feel, helping you feel like a person and not a patient. 

Perhaps it's not medication but supplements you need to organise. Have you ever bought a bottle of vitamins or minerals with the best intentions, only to find a half-full and out-of-date container at the back of the cupboard a year later? Money down the drain. Using a pill organiser to plan your capsules will ensure you're getting the intended health benefits and save you from wasting your money. 


Why our Pill Organisers are so Cute! 

We've designed our pill organisers for women and men who value their health without compromising style. They're also designed for those who don't want a daily reminder that they're a patient, the people who want to head out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner without needing to carry multiple pill packets. Although other pill organisers can make taking pills easy, Dosey takes it a step further. We aim to remove the stigma of pill-taking and make the process more enjoyable by creating a sophisticated and chic feel.  

Our planners and organisers fit seamlessly into your busy life with a discrete and modern design. Made using high-quality vegan leather, each planner and organiser has a magnetic closure to protect your medication and supplements from light and moisture. Inside find tight-fitting, non-slip, soft touch, and easy zip EVA pockets to safely secure your tablets, capsules, or powders.  

Available in three on-trend colours, dusty pink, creamy latte, or classic black, complete any outfit with a Dosey pill organiser or wallet by your side. Get ready to be complimented on your cute "wallet". Bet no one has ever complimented your pill packet before!


Are Pill Organisers Safe? 

Yes. Pill organisers are a safe and easily accessible option helping you remember to take your medication and supplements. Each individual zip pouch is secure, keeping moisture and dust away from your tablets, capsules, or pills. The foldable design with a secure magnetic clasp keeps the light out, avoiding any light damage to your medications and supplements.


Why you need a Reusable Pill Organiser

We know medications and supplements can be expensive, and that's why we've created the only pill organiser you'll ever need. Our planners and organisers are a one-time investment with easily removable, washable, and reusable pouches. They're also eco-friendly, using vegan leather and EVA plastic free of chlorides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances.


Want To Find Out More About Our Pill Organisers? Click Here To View Our Store 

Ready to take "remember tablets" off your to-do list? Make pill planning easy, accessible, and stylish by dispensing your daily, weekly, or fortnightly tablets in a cute Dosey pill organiser. Explore our range of pill planners to find the best pill wallet, purse, or organiser to meet your unique health needs.

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