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7-Day Pill Compact
Vicki M (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)

I have just returned from my first holiday using this and it was fabulous! I used it with the compact purse. It was easy to carry on in my handbag and the pills stayed exactly where they were meant to be. I used to carry all the separate boxes etc but not any more. I needed an extra day so I grabbed one of the pouches from the pill case and slid it inside the compact as well - it fit easily.

Thank you so much for the fabulous feedback! We're so glad you found a new travel companion you can bring anytime and anywhere!

Pill Case
Vicki M (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)
Finally Organised!

This has been great in not only helping me get all my medications sorted for the week in one go but also in reminding me if I have forgotten them one day as they are sitting in their pouch with the day labelled. I definitely recommend this!

That's fantastic to hear! Your meds are in good hands now – and no more 'oops, did I take that?' moments! Thanks a bunch for the recommendation!

So pretty and nice but doesn’t hold all the supplements I take daily. Just wish it was a little deeper.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll keep this in mind. 🙌

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Amanda McAllister (Manchester, US)
So cute and convenient!

I love this case! Makes me smile every time I take my meds :) It fits in my bag, doesn't take up a ton of space on my side table, and doesn't pop open if I'm carrying it around with me. Only thing that I miss from my old (kinda crappy) case is that each compartment was covered separately so I could tip it over to dump out my pills for a single day into my hand without all the other days coming out but that's pretty minor and the positives definitely outweigh it!

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! This was Honor's first go at a hardshell design, so she's excited to take on board this feedback for the next drop.

I love these items. Very sleek and organized

Thank you so much for the love! Sleek and organized is our jam! 🙌🏻

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
She Smith (Milwaukee, US)
My BFF loved it!

It was a birthday gift for my friend.She said it was elegant and useful.
I'm happy that I made this choice. I'll be ordering one for myself!

Yay! Birthdays and besties deserve the best, right? Can't wait for you to get one for yourself and join the Dosey fam!

7-Day Compact Trio
Kate (Melbourne, AU)
Difficult to extract pills

Sorry but it really doesn't work for me. Once tilted the pills roll about and can end up across over days and getting them out of each compartment is fiddly. It needs a clear cover that clips over each day so pills don't mix and that compartment/day can be tipped into a hand without trying to fiddle around getting them out without the rest coming along too.

Thank you so much for your feedback! This was Honor's first go at a hardshell design, so she's excited to take on board this feedback for the future drop.

Great addition to my pill purse!

Yay! We are so happy to know this! 🫶

Love this pill pack. Perfect for all my needs!

Yay! We're so glad you're loving it!

Pill Case + 7 Pouches
Wendy Csik (Green Bay, US)
Daughter Loves It

This classy zippered case holds my daughter’s many supplements perfectly! She was so excited to receive it as a gift!

That's fantastic! We're thrilled your daughter loves our Pill Case! Thank you so much for sharing.

7-Day Pill Compact (Auckland, NZ)

Excellent way to organise your medication classy looking and discreet totally fit for purpose

Thanks for your kind words! Glad it's working out so well for you!

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Kate Benson (Feeding Hills, US)
Could be better

For people who take multiple meds per day this container is tough because the entire thing is open. You can’t just dump one day’s worth into your hand. It would be better and more convenient if there were individual covers inside for each day. Otherwise the container is well made and looks very nice.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. This was Honor's first go at a hardshell design, so she's excited to take on board this feedback for the next drop.

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Y.M. (Titusville, US)

It is definitely prettier to look at, both on your bathroom counter and in a purse. I love the ease of putting the case in it's purse and tossing it in my bag on days where I find myself in a hurry. I also like not having to worry about pills and supplements spilling in my bag when I do. I have tried multiple pill organizers and keychains and this one is definitely better in that regard. I do think it's a bit overpriced. As mentioned, it is prettier than most pill organizers, however, the one I received did have some minor imperfections. Nothing huge that would warrant a return but, considering the cost not what one would expect.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! We're so glad Dosey adds a bit of sparkle to your day. ✨ So sorry about the minor imperfections.

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Arnita Champion (Henderson, US)
Beautiful Ritual

This beautiful pill and compact purse reminds me that I am beautiful and I am beautifully taking care of my body!

You are beautiful! Thank you so much for the lovely words. Pill Takers deserve pretty things, too..

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Diane SN (Philadelphia, US)
Really elegant and perfect

I love this case. It looks very nice if I need to take out out in public unlike those horrible plastic pill holders.

Thank you! So glad you're loving the chic look – say goodbye to those clunky plastic pill holders and hello to style! ✨

Pill Compact Kit
Amanda LeCroy (Rome, US)
Excellent buy

Great purchase

Thank you!

7-Day Compact Trio
. (Melbourne, AU)
Very good service!

I ordered the 7 day pill case which unfortunately came with a cracked mirror but after emailing the customer service team I received a quick response and an offer for either refund or reship, very very happy with the service and the product. Would definitely order from here again!

So glad we could make things right for you! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. ✨

7-Day Compact Purse
Kathie Brosnan (Toowoomba, AU)
Beautiful Case.

Hi this was a beautiful case. I ordered 2. It wasn't clear that I was only ordering the case and not the pill case but my mistake!. I then when to order the pill case and it is out of stock so I have 2 cases and am unable to use them!!! Please let me know when they are back in stock.!!

Thank you for your kind words! No worries, we all have those moments! They'll be back in late July, so your cases will have their perfect partners soon. ✨

7-Day Pill Compact
Betty Peach (Brisbane, AU)
Very handy

I love my new medicine container. I just wish the design took into account that the two end days have curved compartments which means that the space for medicine is reduced. In my case it means my medicine doesn’t fit in the compartments for those two days and enable the lid to close.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We appreciate your feedback about the curved compartments – we'll keep it in mind! ✨

Ozempic / Diabetes Case
Doris Thibault (Lévis, CA)
Make all the difference

I struggled for years to find a pouch for my pen and needles. This one have everything I could imagine and the color! I mean latte is wow! At this point its almost part of the decoration and the material is good quality.

Thanks a latte for sharing! We are so happy to be part of your daily routine, and here's to more organized, stylish days ahead!

7-Day Pill Compact + Purse
Doris Thibault (Lévis, CA)
I love it

I need a lots of space for my vitamins Omega3, calcium and magnesium are big pills and it fit perfectly. Chic and useful I'm glad of my purchase. Would have prefer in latte but its a detail.

Thank you so much for your sweet words! We’re thrilled to hear your vitamins found a chic new home. ✨

Pill Compact + Purse
Doris Thibault (Lévis, CA)
Pretty and useful

Best of the 2 worlds super useful to bring some pills on the go and pretty boxe

We are so happy to know this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Wrong tracking status, was not delivered, in flats, was left at address along the road in 13 abban st.

We are very sorry for the courier issue! We've sent you a message.

7-Day Pill Compact
Nicole Ireland (Perth, AU)

7-Day Pill Compact

Nice like it

Thank you! ☺️